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Mnemonic indication panels

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Mnemonic indication panel (MIP) is designed to indicate the position of all types of switches, connectors, earthing blades and is mounted in 6-35 kV switchgear assemblies, as well as in 6-10 kV single-end service assembled chambers. A mnemonic panel is unified for all types of main circuit schematic diagrams and can be easily changed and supplemented by new elements upon customer's request.

Structurally, a mnemonic panel is made as a panel consisting of the following elements and components:

- Printed circuit board with installed radio elements (LEDs, diodes, resistors and other components on customer's request) and a socket for connection to a switchgear assembly and single-end service assembled chamber.

- light conductor (non-transparent material with indicator windows filled with inserts made of special light-scattering material)

- an image of a mnemonic panel made as a sticker with multi-colored schemes and transparent areas for indication,

- housing made of insulating material.

The main differences and advantages of a single panel as compared to use of  discrete active (LED symbols) and passive (stickers with links and images of electric diagram elements) elements are the following:

1. 2-6 active discrete elements and a lot of discrete communication labels and images are replaced by a single unified panel of the same size, reducing the costs and labor inputs of the design and manufacture of switchgear and single-end service assembled chambers.

2. The assembly technology using miniature self-tapping screws and installed connector ensures full reparability of products compared to discrete elements that have to be replaced completely.

3. Current consumption for one channel in 2mA instead of 5-8mA makes it possible:

- to reduce power consumption 2,5-4 times,

- to reduce considerably the capacity of batteries in the operative current cabinet,

- to increase reliability and product service life