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Vehicle dashboards

Specialized instrument panels for use in cars, buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains, airplanes and other vehicles.

At the customer's request, the buttons (with a  backlighting option), as well as LED annunciator display units of control devices and alarms, dial or digital display devices, splays, buzzers for audio and voice messages may be installed on the control panels. If necessary, the instrument panels are equipped with appropriate sensors of our own production (see Sensors section) and execution units.

For convenience, when the ambient light is insufficient, as well as for the functional separation of certain zones, we offer control panels with intelligent backlight (see. Section CP intellectual illumination).

Vehicle control and display panels are equipped with built-in controllers for operation using the required interface, for example (CAN), allowing to ensure efficient control of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic systems of vehicles. Controllers allow to display the status of currently performed functions, alarms and other messages on built-in displays, as well as on the backup multicolored light displays (including with the hidden mnemonic signals), providing a sound/voice dubbing of warning signals and alarms.

By using our technology it is possible to provide a comprehensive driver's seat solution without limitation of shape, size and color of control keys and display elements.

Vehicle control and display panels specifications:

Pressure force, g

                 80 … 600

Warranty life, key depressions

5 х 10 6

Keystroke, mm

0,4 – 0,6

Switching current, А

up to 20

Operating temperature, С°

            -50 … +65

Power supply voltage, V

12 или 24

Average useful life, years


Lighting brightness control            

stepless / discrete