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Touch Keyboards

Touch keyboard is a printed circuit board with radio elements mounted on it (radio elements are mounted on the bottom of the PCB) and a protective glass, which has a silk-screened pattern on its back surface (patterns are designed according to customer requirements) meaning that the patters is abrasion-resistant. The touch keyboards make it possible to use not only keys but also sliders.

Recommended uses of touch screen keyboards

  • Access control systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Special purpose equipment
  • Railway Equipment
  • Instrumentation and Measuring Devices
  • Telecommunications

Touch keyboard advantages

  • The keyboard is operated without direct contact with the keys. In this case, the haptic feedback can be implemented and adapted to customer's request, using a buzzer or vibration motor.
  • Connection via I2C, UART, USB and other interfaces.
  • The possibility to display information on the LCD or OLED display.
  • Touch keyboard integration in any device of any shape and size.
  • More advanced than traditional push-button switches and keyboards.
  • High reliability and long service life.
  • Possibility to install vandal-proof glass of up to 2 centimeters thick.
  • Sensor configuration can be virtually any shape.
  • No moving mechanical parts.
  • No contact pairs (increased spark and explosion protection).