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Flexible membrane keyboards

Keyboards are made on flexible printed circuit boards based on 0.125-0,150 mm polyester film. The conductors on flexible substrates are made using two main methods:

1) the method of screen printing using silver-filled or graphite-filled conductive pastes or their combinations as the conductive material. Circuit resistance is up to 300 ohms.

2) the method of etching the PCB conductors on foiled polyester or polyimide film, followed by local nickel plating of the contact zones in the membrane mounting spots. Tactile feedback on the membrane keyboards is achieved by shaping the front shield film or by embedding of metallic switching membranes.

Membrane keyboard specifications

Pressure force, g

60… 600     

Membrane keyboard thickness, mm


Keystroke, mm

0,15… 0,4

Switching current, mA      

0,05 …100

Average useful life, years     


Switching voltage, V

0,5 … 40

Warranty life, key depressions

1 х 10 6

Contact resistance at 100mA current, Ohm