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Control boards

Control boards are control panels with integrated controllers. Control boards are designed to the customer's specifications, without any limitations in terms of design, dimensions and interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, PS/2, USB, CAN etc.) and ensure control of external devices.

They may be manufactured using home-produced hardware components.

By placing the control boards in housings, we obtain the degree of protection from IP54 to IP68. When designing the devices, we use different housings: milled or bent-and-welded metal housings of our own design, as well as standard plastic and aluminum housings.

The control boards can be manufactured using the intelligent or night backlight technology. Boards with intelligent backlight are made on the basis of SMD LEDs and are essentially the panels with uniform illumination of individual symbols (displays) or the entire keyboard. Intelligent backlight allows using up to 5 colors to highlight each key. For easy operation in insufficient ambient light, the keyboards with the complete 'night' backlight are used. The 'night' backlight provides uniform one-color lighting of symbols on the entire keyboard or in certain parts of the keyboard.

Control Boards are supplied with QA acceptance.

Scope of application of control boards:

- Energy sector

- Transport

- Aviation

- Industrial Automation

- Oil and Mining equipment


Control Boards Specifications

Pressure force, g

60… 600

Ingress protection 


Key stroke, mm

0,15… 0,4

Average useful life, years     


Operating temperature, °С

-50 … +75

* (-60…+85)

warranty life, key depressions 

5 х 106

* Optional, upon Customer's additional request