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Industrial and special purpose control panels (-50 +85)

Industrial control panel (CP) is a special design keyboard with display elements. A control panel is a paste-in or a self-supporting device (depending on the requirements), serving as the front panel of instruments, consoles and workstations.

Industrial control panels are made of glass-fiber laminate and/or polyimide PCB with copper conductors and 6 microns nickel plated and 3 microns gold plated contact pads for the closing elements.

The closing elements are stainless steel membranes, ensuring up to 5 000 000 operation cycles and tactile clicks. The membranes are fixed on the printed circuit board to prevent shifting from vibration and impacts.

The control panel front foil shields, providing the front surface sealing, have images of keys, symbols etc., marked using the "paint under film" method, which do not wear off during the whole service life. The shields also have transparent windows for indicators (may be glossy / matte and tinted on customer's request) , and decorative-shaped keys. If necessary, optional symbol change for different designs is implemented as well.

Control panels are manufactured with IP54 to IP68 ingress protection, depending on the version.